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Smelling good is great. A good fragrance can enhance your mood, helps lift your spirit, boosts your confidence and make you attractive. But shopping online a fragrance can be tricky and overwhelming, especially when you are unable to put your nose on a scent. It is like "buy a pig in a poke".

Try a fragrance sample before you commit to the full-size bottle is a clever move. This is why Craze Link provides an affordable online fragrance sampling service for consumers to try perfumes and colognes. Our samples involve a careful decanting process where liquid is transferred from 100% genuine fragrance bottles to sample containers of 0.27 oz or 8 ml.

At Craze Link, we offer to our customer the opportunity to purchase smaller quantities of authentic perfumes and colognes, most of them are hard to find in retail and Department Stores. This a good and cheaper way to discover some new scents, take your scents with you anywhere you go, or to simply test the authenticity of your signature fragrances.

Whether you’re like variety but don’t want to spend all your hard-earning money on only one fragrance or you’re not a fragrance lover but only need a few drops occasionally for special events, or you simply wish to bring your favorite scent with you on a plane, or anywhere else for a replenishment, we get you covered.

From Designer Fragrances to Niche Fragrances, our range of travel-size sprays will help you find the right scent, make your mind, and avoid wasting your money.

Our Commitment

  • Providing clean, fresh, inoffensive and easy to wear scents.
  • No knockoffs or imitations. Just real "thing".
  • Commercializing and promoting only legit brands with high-quality products that will offer wellness, empowerment, confidence, and satisfaction.

Our Guarantee

  • Free Delivery On all orders over $ 49.99 US.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee. Free Hassle Returns.
  • Originality, Authenticity and Quality.


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